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What Should Be On An HOA Website

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As an HOA Board member, you’ve probably realized that your community needs a well-designed custom website with modern HOA Ideas and Features.

It’s a tool that simplifies communication between Board members and homeowners, minimizes time and money spent on administrative tasks, and is an easy way to systemize bill pay for HOA dues. 


If you and your fellow Board members are ready to establish a great community Association website, but aren’t familiar with website development or what features to include in the website, PropertyPop can help. 


Take a look at a few of the benefits of an HOA website for your community. Then, read through the list of the most important ideas and features to include on your Association webpage. 

Benefits of an HOA Website (Ideas for your HOA/Condo Website)

What Should Be On An HOA Website?

In today’s age, most organizations have a website. In fact, in our modern, technology-driven culture a website is crucial for the effective operation of any association and an HOA or Condominium Association is no exception.


With an HOA website, you can keep residents and homeowners informed of community updates, collect dues or HOA payments through a simple platform, and direct residents to the resident-only portal for internal information. There are many benefits of an HOA website, and it keeps your community current. 

As a Board member for your HOA, you may already feel clear about the benefits of an HOA website, but you’re unclear about what the website should encompass or what features to include on your community HOA website. This article lists the top HOA website ideas for your community and which features the HOA website should have.

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Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

Idea’s & Must-Haves for Your HOA or Community Website

What Should Be On An HOA Website?

Websites for Homeowner Associations

A community website for your HOA is a useful resource for residents, homeowners, and Board members, alike. 

It can be an important feature to increase property value within the community by reaching and attracting prospective buyers. It also provides helpful information to contractors or those submitting RFPs to the Association.


If you are designing an HOA website and seeking ideas of what your community site should include, there are a handful of important functions that will benefit community members, Board members, and interested buyers. The best part? An HOA Software can be self-managed, so you don’t have to update it yourself.

Take a look at this list of key features to include in your HOA website: 

  • E-blast Features to Communicate with Residents

An E-blast & Newsletter feature allows you to keep up with current residents and homeowners with simple, quick communication. Ensure that your administrative team, property management team, or whoever is in charge of keeping a current list of resident email addresses, maintains an accurate and up-to-date database of resident contact information. Then, when it’s time to share important information, periodic updates, or changes to bylaws with residents and homeowners, you’ll be able to use the E-blast feature on the website to send out the information quickly and easily. No need for stamps, just click send.

  • Pay Dues Online

Online bill pay is a very useful tool for most people today. Between smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, most individuals prefer to make a payment with just a few simple clicks. A pay online feature for your HOA website is one of the top 5 must-have features for a condo website. It allows your homeowners and residents to pay monthly or quarterly community dues, special assessments, or other fees directly through the website. This cuts down on the complicated administrative duties involved with antiquated forms of payment, like checks, and helps ensure bills are paid on time.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?


  • Facebook Page (Social Media) Integration

Just as a website is a modern necessity for an HOA, so are social media profiles. Whether you intend to create a space for community members and neighbors to interact or review Board meeting minutes and updates, social profiles for your neighborhood can be a great way to keep residents informed and connected. A modern HOA website will allow for straightforward social media integration so the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or NextDoor profile is directly connected to the community website. Any updates posted on the website can be easily published to social platforms and accessed from the website.

  • High-Resolution Photographs & Drone Photos

Increasing the property value of your community means more than making physical changes to the property. The way you showcase and represent your property digitally makes a big difference. An HOA website is a platform with a far-reaching digital impact for prospective buyers. By including high-resolution images and drone photographs of the property on your HOA website you can present the best angles of the property, literally! You’ll be able to capture beautiful pictures that illustrate the best aspects of your property and share them with interested buyers online. 

  • MLS Listings 

An HOA website is a great place to showcase the units that are for sale in your community. By linking homes that are for sale in your neighborhood to MLS or other real estate listing platforms, you create a centralized location for current homeowners and potential buyers to see what is available for purchase in the community. (Bonus: use the high-resolution photographs or drone photos to advertise available homes.) 

  • Community Voting Surveys

In Homeowners Associations, Board members are typically voted into office on an annual basis. Revisions to bylaws are made throughout the year, and other miscellaneous updates to community rules and regulations occur on an ongoing basis. To simplify the voting process, your HOA website can host digital surveys and voting services. The Board members or administrative team will simply set up the survey and send out the link. Residents or homeowners will be able to easily access the site, and cast their vote or complete the survey. No need to stop in at the clubhouse, or mail-in ballots. Just click and submit.

  • Board Of Directors Page

Board members are the decision-makers within their respective Associations. Inasmuch, they need a clear and simple to use the forum to discuss changes. An HOA website is a centralized platform where Board members can communicate with each other, make changes to files, share files, or retain community documents easily. Take a look at a few of the website templates for your HOA & Condo Association to get an idea of how to organize this page. 

  • Resident Portal for Owners to Access

Homeowners Associations typically represent anywhere between 4 – 4,000 residents. Disseminating information across so many households can be challenging when using outdated systems, like mailings or flyers. A digital resident portal for residents to receive updates to community rules makes it much easier for everyone to stay informed. Similarly, a resident-only portal can be used for resident bill pay, neighborhood or community events, and general neighbor communications. 

Websites for HOA

The Best HOA Website Ideas 2023

What Should Be On An HOA Website?

There are many simple, useful features to include in an HOA website to optimize your community happenings.

Between message boards, online bill pay, cross-community information updates, and more, a well-equipped HOA website can make a big difference for your Association and Board members.

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