HOA & Condo Websites: Why Does My Association Need One?

There are many logistical and practical reasons to build an HOA or Condo Website for your association

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The benefits of setting up your association with a community website include everything from administrative support like document accessibility and submissions, to financial and physical property management solutions. 

Various features available through online platforms can simplify the property management process, and make it easy for homeowners, residents, the Board, and the property management firm alike. 

A condo website for your association is a must in 2019 and beyond.

Websites for Homeowner Associations

And we mean this quite literally, as of January 1, 2019 it is now mandated by Florida law that Associations must own and operate a website with certain functionalities.

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So, we repeat: A website for your condo association is a must in today’s world.


Law or not, we still think it is imperative in our modern world for residential Associations to have websites.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

Here are the top 7 reasons why your HOA Website should be in place:

#1 Increased Property Values

HOA Websites

A condo Association website for your condominium will increase property values.

By establishing a credible website (See item 1) you also create a platform for sharing information about your community and its amenities.

You can include a general photo gallery of your neighborhood and some floorplans.

To the same end, you can include listings of properties for sale or soon-to-be listed properties.

Featuring these items in a clear and succinct online condo website will draw attention and interest to potential buyers.

A community associaiton website gives your homeowners a competitive edge to reach a larger audience and thus increases property value.

#2 Improved Homeowner Communication

Imagine a world where every resident must call a management agency or on site property manager just to get answers to simple questions.

Typically an endless game of phone tag or email tag ensues.

HOA Website Newsletters & Emails Templates

A condo association website will drastically cut back on unnecessary communication efforts and the need for a constant point of contact.

An Association website for your residential Florida property is an efficient move.

No more time spent waiting for a call back or email attachment.

Simplify by visiting or directing residents to visit the website and find the exact document they need, or the answer to a variety of questions. 

#3 Marketing Opportunities  

Not only can you increase property values through a community Association website, you can even generate a stream of income for the association.

A website platform, creates a channel of communication to a specific audience.

HOA Community Websites - Condo Website Provider

An Association website thus creates a channel of communication with your residents and homeowners and the community at large.

With proper consideration and Board approval, your condo website can offer marketing opportunities as a stream of income for the Association itself.

HOA Website Features like a digital referral services for local handymen or painters, information and discounted rates for property management services that are up to the individual homeowner to finance, or even for local restaurants to offer your residents discounts.

A website for your Florida condo Association can open a space for marketing opportunities. 

#4 Less Burden on the Board and Management

In running a Florida Condo Association many tasks are left to the Board and the Management company.

An HOA website is a great way to remove some of this burden from those members.

HOA Website Residents-Only Portal

Because tools like Frequently Asked Questions, generic forms or other community documents and information are available digitally 24/7, neither the Board nor the Management team need to be involved in these inquiries.

A condo website leaves the Board and Management of your community Association with more time to address what really matters: the well-being of your condominium.

#5 Save Time and Money

Dovetailing on Efficiency.

If your Association does not have to pay someone, whether an onsite property manager, or a property management company, to sit and wait for phone calls or hand out documents, your Association will save time and money.

Having an HOA Community Website is an investment in the Association.

A time saver.

A money saver.

A 24/7 resource for members and residents.

A document hub for all Association files.

A communication system for distributing email communication.

Working with an HOA Website Provider can help bring your community into the 21st century.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?


Now your manager can allocate time and financial resources to better-suited needs like pursuing bids and addressing physical property needs.

#6 Credibility

Your HOA or Condo will build credibility with a community

Association website.

Websites for HOA

This means homeowners or unit owners and future residents alike will be able to use the various functions on the site and find a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

They’ll know they can just check online for certain documents, or get answers to frequently asked questions.

Homeowners might even refer friends or neighbors to their fully functional condo association site to see photos or community bulletins.

A website creates a sense of validity and instills trustworthiness for your community association.

#7 Resident Awareness 

A condominium website will allow residents and the Board to communicate with increased ease and speed.

Shared digital communication platforms are easily accessible to all the parties involved, like homeowners, residents, the Board, and management. Inasmuch, the process becomes more simple.

Homeowner association websites

Communication becomes more streamlined and there is an increased awareness of community issues and how to address them.

The benefits of setting up your association with a community website include everything from administrative support like document accessibility and submissions, to financial and physical property management solutions.

As if these reasons are not convincing enough, the new Florida condo law requires each Association to own and operate a website.

A condo website is a must in today’s world.

Boost Community Value

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