Best HOA Website Templates

A Complete Guide to Homeowners Association Website Templates

If your HOA is ready to develop a new website, an HOA website template can help. 

While some associations opt to maintain correspondence via snail mail, in 2024, a website for your association is a best practice.

HOA Website Template

This article provides a step-by-step guide and insight for your HOA Board members to understand what should be included in an HOA website that meets the needs of your Association.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?


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What are the key benefits of using HOA website templates?

Using an HOA website template could be a great option for an Association because it helps your community develop a great HOA website without needing to recreate the wheel.

Owners and residents will be able to access vital information about the HOA online, useful tools and forms, a payment system, and many more customizable resources.

Most communities with an HOA website opt for the following online features: 

Remember, you will also be able to create distinct options for your website that make sense for your community, even if they are not on the above list of common HOA website features. 

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Must-have features of a homeowners association website

Most homeowners association website templates require a few backend features to ensure that the website is functional for various use-cases. 

HOA websites should have the following backend features and technologies covered:

  • Domain
  • Web hosting 
  • System Administrator (PropertyPop
  • Website Content Management System (C.M.S.)
  • Mobile-friendly / 100% Responsive

If your property management company uses management software, they may even be able to integrate their software with your HOA website. 

The process to create an Association website is relatively easy with the support of a professional service provider that specializes in Condo and HOA websites

Overall site architecture: what should your HOA Navigation Menu include?

An HOA website menu bar will include various pages and tools for residents. 

nav menu example hoa website template

A simple but effective template for a community website will include the following navigation bar menu options:

  1. Community news and calendar of events (save the date for upcoming events)
  2. Association forms
  3. HOA dues and costs
  4. Member updates
  5. Management company info
  6. Contact form
  7. Search bar

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Associations that include these resources on their HOA website tend to have strong attendance at community meetings and events, adherence to community rules, and dues and money paid on time.

Since each process is clearly defined online, it makes it easy for the community to function smoothly.

It can also be a good idea to assign a tech-savvy community member as a point person to help non-tech-savvy residents learn how to navigate the website. 

Sample website template for HOA websites

What is a HOA Website Template

A template is easy to use, more affordable, and simple to design. It may not be completely custom, but HOAs tend to have similar design needs, so communities can use a template and save on the cost of a custom site.

If you’d like some expert help to develop your HOAs website, PropertyPop offers free consultations so you can define which templates will work best for your Association. Our goal is to make it easy for your residents to access Association tools online. 


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Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

How to develop your HOA website 

A custom design for your website could be more costly than website templates or using a HOA/Condo Web Provider. It tends to be more affordable and cost-effective to opt for a template for HOA websites. While neither option is free, Associations that use website templates can save money since many administrative costs (like mailings) are eliminated. 

Start by selecting a few templates that match your community’s needs.

We suggest considering the following questions before creating an Association website:

  • Do we need gated (private/log-in only) content?
  • Do we need payment processing for HOA Dues?
  • Will residents want e-blasts on neighborhood updates and information?
  • Would our residents benefit from accessing HOA-specific forms and documents online?
  • Would residents submit maintenance requests/work orders through the site? 
  • Click here for other FAQs

Essential Pages To Include In Your HOA Website

HOA Template Pages

Below are some of the core pages you’d want to make sure your HOA template starts with. These fundamental pages will pave the road for the rest of the community website.

Home Page – Overview of the Homeowners Association and quick links to primary pages

About Our HOA –  History and property background. Amenities offered and nearby attractions.

Board of Directors – List your HOAs current administration and officers (This can also include HOA staff)

Contact Us – Directions, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc.

Homeowners Community Calendar – A page of the site to add upcoming events for the HOA Association

Announcements – PR and News Events, share changes or new policies, staff movements and more

Resident Login Portal – A Login Page for residents to access the Resident Only section of the site.

HOA Doc’s Hub – Convenient and organized access to all of the HOAs important files (Meeting Minutes, Governing Docs, Applications, etc.)

Work Order Forms – Let owners submit request via online form submissions.

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How do I create an HOA Website? 

Building, managing and updating an HOA or Condo Association website can be a tedious task. Especially for a Board of volunteers. When creating an HOA website you will want to design a site that is easy to navigate. 

  1. Begin with a straightforward navigation bar (see samples above.)
  2. Use a template to minimize cost and simplify the process of developing a website.
  3. Work with a HOA / Condo Website Provider to ensure the right tools are available to residents.
  4. Consider the backend needs of a website (hosting, domains, software, etc.)

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What should be included in an HOA Website?

Aside from the navigation options suggested above, there are a few other things many HOAs want to include on their HOA website. 

  • Gallery of photos
  • Neighborhood logo
  • Contact and messaging board
  • Property management company information
  • Board member information
  • Neighborhood rules 

Your Board can also be creative and opt for custom web pages that best serve your residents.

The best HOA website template for your association 


Whether your HOA is building a brand new website, or updating an outdated one, using HOA website templates makes the process easy and more functional for Board members and homeowners as well as smoothing out general association functions. 


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