The Best Condo and HOA Websites Of 2023

In 2023, every HOA and Condo Association needs a community website.

In fact, if your Florida condominium has more than 150 units, State Statutes legally require your Association to host a Condo website. If you are Texas, there are also legal requirements for HOA Websites. 


The Sample HOA Websites selected below provide inspiration, guidance, best practices, and pointers on what makes a great HOA website.


If your HOA or Condo association is designing a website for your community, this list of some of the best HOA & Condo website examples in 2023 can help.

A website is an important feature for a community to offer its residents to facilitate communication within the association and can include a variety of features and services that vary depending on the property.

Since PropertyPop is the expert on homeowners association and condo association websites, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites from across the country.

We’ve selected these websites because they are clear, user-friendly, and employ some of the best practices for homeowners association web design.

We’ll outline what is great about each site, so you’ll have a better idea of what to include on your Condo or HOA website. 

2023 Best Condo and Home Owner Association Websites

Penthouse Towers

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Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

The Penthouse Towers website is a great model for those building a condo association website.

The landing page uses clear, striking, and professional images of the building and the neighborhood.

Basic information about the residence followed by clickable links with images makes the site user-friendly and enticing for visitors.

This website features a menu with multiple pages, which is a good practice so that site visitors can access what they are looking for easily.

An important feature of the Penthouse Towers condo association website is the Resident Portal. We suggest including private access with individual logins and passwords assigned to each resident of your association.

This allows management to run in an efficient and organized way for work orders, assessments, and general homeowner communication.

Overall, this is a great condo association website because of clear, stimulating imagery, and easy access for residents.


The Gates At Savannah Quarters 

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The Gates At Savannah Quarters website is another model for those seeking an HOA site.

Similar to the Astoria Tower site, there are tons of crisp clear images of the property on the landing page and throughout the site. This is the first impression you give of your association, so we highly suggest having professional (often drone) photography on your HOA website.

Clear, unique imagery is a best practice for homeowners associations, condominium associations and all websites in general. 

Another striking feature of The Gates At Savannah Quarters website is the immediate ‘call to action’ or prompt for the user to interact.

“How Can We Help” in bold letters is followed by helpful options like a community dashboard, a resident portal, and yet again more clear pictures.

User-friendly websites should be easy to navigate, with obvious places to click or explore.

The Gates At Savannah Quarters website is a great example to demonstrate that ‘ease of use,’ because the website is inviting and simple.

A final impressive feature this website uses for its property is to offer a directory listing of residents. This is a nice added bonus of an HOA website and gives residents, the community, and the general public a reason to visit your website and learn more about the property.

Sea Dunes Villas Condo

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This is a great association website because it is intuitive. Simple clickable links are present throughout the home page that directs users to useful services like resident info, photo gallery, recent events, and contact page.

As you navigate the pages, you’ll find information about the property and contact details, this makes it easy for visitors to get an idea of what your CAM or residential property is like, and open channels of communication.

One great page on the Sea Dunes Villas website is the ‘Amenities Reservations’ page.

We love that this condominium association website opted to include a page to showcase its greatest features like great viewpoints throughout the building, luxurious floor plans, and copy on what makes it one of the best condos in the area.

This site also makes the cut for strong use of imagery.

Since we’re in the website building business, it’s obvious in some instances when websites use ‘stock images’ or generic photos as opposed to professional, unique, site-specific photos.

This condo website does a great job including tons of clear and high-quality photos so that the condo website really pops.



The Belmont Condo

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Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

This Condo website is a good model for anyone building a new website for a Condo Association. We love this Association website because it is well-designed and takes it to the next level. The landing page of this property association website is not only a professional photograph, its an aerial shot of the property including its premier water view.

The landing site on the website for this residential condominium encompasses all of the features we’ve mentioned above: private residents-only portals, property information, contact information, and of course fabulous imagery. 

Also noteworthy is the ease of use.

This site has an intuitive user experience that is simple and accessible.

Want to know when the next community event is or submit documents? You can do it quickly and easily on this professional Condo website.

Oak Grove Island HOA

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This is an excellent Sample HOA Website because it is easy to navigate.

The landing page consists of quick, easy to read, useful links, and the site represents the HOA in a clean and organized fashion. Important general and emergency contact information are easy to access.

The Oak Grove Island HOA site also includes resident-only portals for communication between homeowners within the association and the Board. 

We really like the FAQ page on Oak Grove Island Homeowner Association website. Answering common questions is a great way to be proactive and use your web space wisely.

Answering questions about the property also appeals to a wide audience of potential home buyers and current residents.

As illustrated, homeowners association websites can serve a vital role in opening communication between residents, the Board, and the Association as a whole. 

These are some of the best Condo and HOA Sample Websites of 2023. 

A website for your property should suit your resident’s specific needs and offer services that will benefit each resident and the entire community while encompassing some of the above features.

Employ the above best practices, then adapt them to fit your HOA or Condo Association.

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