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PropertyPop Can Help You Build The Perfect HOA Website

Websites for Homeowners Associations | PropertyPop Can Help You Build The Perfect HOA Website

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PropertyPop Can Help You Build The Perfect HOA Website


Functional, well-organized, and user-friendly HOA websites are hard to come by. Most HOA websites are designed by the HOA Board members who are not necessarily tech-savvy or experienced in website design. 

The result is a poorly executed website that’s hard to navigate. The HOA website ends up being expensive and relatively useless since little to no valuable information is available for residents or prospective homebuyers. Even if valuable information is on the website, it’s likely hard to find.


It is possible to create websites for homeowners associations that are functional, well organized, and user-friendly with PropertyPop. 


As a website service provider, PropertyPop handles everything your HOA needs to design, build and run your HOA website with ease.


The PropertyPop technology-forward team builds custom websites for condominiums and HOA communities that are easy to use and secure. 


Below we describe a few of the main features of PropertyPop HOA websites, so you can make the best choice for your condominium or homeowners Association when it comes to website design.

What does PropertyPop do?

PropertyPop is a one-stop-shop for smart HOA websites. 

We custom build functional websites for condominiums and homeowners Associations websites that appeal to the homeowners, residents, Board members, and prospective buyers.

More than the technical support we can provide, like designing, building, and launching the website, offering web hosting support, and quite literally tech support, we take the annoying, exhausting, and complicated tasks off of your shoulders for website maintenance. Then, your Board members can focus on running the Association, not updating a website. 

Our team handles the tedious, technologically sophisticated website management steps like:

  • Website maintenance
  • Regular site updates
  • Web support
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Security  

PropertyPop makes building an HOA website easy by supporting every step of the process from HOA website ideation and HOA website design, to building the website and maintaining it for the long term. 

Example Condo Association Website Of The Reserve Island Condominium

Aside from the benefits for Board members, homeowners and residents enjoy the ‘resident only’ portals where they can access private information, pay dues or fees, and access the community chat boards. Your Board or property management company can choose from the best HOA website templates, or we’ll create a completely customized platform.

Everyone in the community can benefit from a meticulously designed and managed Association website from PropertyPop.

What type of clients does PropertyPop service? 

We specialize in building websites for community Associations.

Most of our clients include condominium Associations and homeowners Associations. 

These neighborhoods feature condominiums with 4 to 800 units (including high-rise buildings) and homeowners Associations with 8 to 3,00 homes on the property (including townhomes.) 

We also work with commercial condominiums to build integrated websites that work for each tenant, condo owner, and the Board as a whole.

Which features do PropertyPop’s websites for HOAs include?

PropertyPop works with Associations of all sizes and styles to custom-build Association websites that meet the unique needs of the property. 

Each community website can be customized to include the features that are most important for the Association.

Some of the best features for HOA websites or condominium Association websites include:

Condominium Association Website Example

Most Board members are not web designers and don’t know exactly how to build a website or make it functional on their own. Board members do, however, know which features they want to include on the Association website and what would be helpful to their homeowners.

At PropertyPop we work together with you to develop and design a website that meets the needs of your neighborhood and residents while following best practices for website design in 2022.

Association Website Marketing and SEO

One specialty feature we’re proud to offer is marketing and SEO tools for your website. This is a useful way to improve property value. 

We help you promote your community website on search platforms so that prospective buyers can find it easily. Once they land on your site, they will see the gallery of high-resolution images and MLS listings of available properties. This simplifies the home buyer’s search and shows them that your Association is modern and forward-thinking. 

This makes your Association more competitive in the home buying market and attracts more buyers.

What type of support does PropertyPop offer for websites for homeowners associations?

Aside from website design and routine maintenance, PropertyPop offers a few key support tools for Board members and residents.

  1. Uptime Monitoring
  2. Website Backups
  3. Ongoing Website Maintenance
  4. Website Security
  5. Periodic Site Updates

PropertyPop’s HOA websites are secure. They feature SSL data encryption and certificates, Malware scanning, and site backups to protect the data just in case. 

PropertyPop also features a team of support staff to help keep your website running and answer your questions or address issues. 

Notify us if you have any concerns or if it’s time to make an update. The support staff will take care of your website with ease.

Best Websites for Homeowners Associations by PropertyPop 

The Towers Of Channelside Condo Website Displays Beautiful Images Of The Condominium

Custom websites for homeowners Associations by PropertyPop make building and using an HOA website easy for everyone. 

The Board can easily access, organize, and update the website with relevant information.

Homeowners and residents can review forms, submit payments, communicate with one another, and connect with the Association’s social media platforms.

Prospective buyers can review photo galleries of high resolution and drone images from the property, and check out homes or units that are for sale through MLS.

A great website for your Association adds value to your community for potential buyers, and more importantly, for current residents and homeowners. 

Ready to develop a great community Association website with PropertyPop? Schedule a discovery call to get started.

Boost Community Value

Find out how an Association Website can improve your community value and increase homeowner satisfaction.


PropertyPop develops modern, professional HOA and Condo Websites that represent your Association, provide easier communication tools for the community and enables owners with quick access to secure Resident Portals, 24/7/365.

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