Website Hosting For Your HOA or Condo Website

Website hosting for Condo and HOA websites can be confusing.

In this article, we’ll cover what is needed and how to set up hosting for your HOA website.

In order to host a website for your HOA or Condo, there are a few things to consider. 

This list covers what is typically included in website hosting for condos and HOAs and what you should look for. We’ll cover what is provided in HOA website hosting and some additional ‘Bonus Services’ that may be added on to create a better user experience. 


Ultimately website hosting for a condo or HOA website should be professional, simple and user-friendly. 


What is website hosting for a condo association?


Web hosting is a service provided to publish a public website online. It involves file sharing documents through secure storage systems and servers.


In the case of a condo association, web hosting is the service to upload and publish the condo or HOA website online for public and resident access. 


What is included in website hosting for HOA or condo websites?


Web hosting is a service to ‘host’ a website, in this case for a condominium association. With PropertyPop, there is no need to purchase web hosting from a third-party vendor or site. Web hosting is included with your condo association website.


Web hosting for your condo website includes industry-leading load times, that means pages upload quickly and are easily accessible to users. Fast load speeds are also a way to keep the website professional and offer a user-friendly experience. 


Web hosting with PropertyPop features expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means you’ll have access to live tech support with the United States-based customer service at any time. Need to make a quick edit? Not sure how to address a website-related issue? Call or click anytime and live support is available. 


PropertyPop provides web hosting included in your HOA or Condo website.


What is provided by web hosting companies for HOA or condo websites?


There are various tools integrated with our hosting that service your HOA website. Our web hosting includes routine website backups to ensure your information is properly stored and secured. We also offer uptime monitoring (guaranteed 99.9%) with automatic alerts and routine security checks. 


Web hosting is more than storing data in a server for your condominium website, it encompasses keeping the website clean, functional, secure and consistently reviewed. 


What additional ‘Bonus Services’ for my condo or HOA website can be included with web hosting? 


PropertyPop provides a few bonus services for web hosting that are key ingredients to a well-hosted website. This includes routine monthly maintenance for plugin updates, site safeguarding, rapid document uploads, private homeowner login credentials, and even marketing support. 


Web hosting is a way for a website to be published for user access online. For associations and HOA property websites, this includes publishing the site online for public and resident/private access. Condo website hosting is included in your website and features tech support, secure storage systems, alerts, and a professional, user-friendly approach.


For more information about condo or HOA website hosting click here.

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