The 7 Best Texas HOA Websites

A website for your HOA or condominium association in 2024 is an absolute must.

Neighborhood association websites serve a variety of functions for residents, homeowners, and Board members.

If well done, HOA websites can attract vendors, real estate agents, potential homebuyers, and general interest in your Association.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

The Importance of Having an HOA Website in Texas

Not only do Texas State Laws mandate HOAs to have a public website with certain documents and features, but it also serves a variety of useful functions for owners and residents alike. 

A website for your Texas Association makes it possible for homeowners and residents to communicate, relay issues, resolve problems, and get information. 

Standard forms and board meeting minutes can be digitized for easy access.

Private resident-only portals serve for secure bill pay and create a platform for communication within your Community Association.

A modern, user-friendly website for your HOA or condominium in 2023 is important!

That’s why we’ve created this list of the 7 best Texas HOA websites.


Factors in Selecting the 7 Best Texas HOA Websites


In selecting the 7 best Texas HOA websites, we took a variety of factors into account. 

An HOA or condominium Association Website serves the purpose of providing digital access to information or services to residents, homeowners, and Board members.

The information should be easy to access, and the presentation should be visually appealing.

Inasmuch, we’ve selected the best 7 condominium or HOA websites based on the following criteria

  • Is the site equipped with useful information?
  • Is it a dedicated Community Association-specific website?
  • Does the site offer Resident benefits and features?
  • Is the site user-friendly?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • Does it offer a Resident Portal for homeowners?
  • Is the site visually appealing?

The 7 Best Texas HOA Websites

Heartland Community Association Website

Texas HOA Sites

The Heartland HOA Website is robust and easy to use.

With a navigation menu that is simple to interact with, a user can visit several pages of helpful information.

From Welcome pages that share information on the community to pages dedicated to Volunteer Information and details.

The site also offers several embedded videos a user can play/watch to learn more about the community.

The Association is located 25 miles east of Downtown Dallas in Kaufman County, near Forney, Texas.

Traditions Homeowners Association Website

Best Texas HOA Websites

Immediately landing on the home page of this HOA website you notice the effort put into the photography and imagery used.

Bike riders, golf courses, and clubhouses convey the ‘style’ of the Association right away.

The site has an integrated Community Calendar feature for highlighting upcoming community events as well as a Documents page and links to the Residents Portal which homeowners can access for private information.

The Association is located in College Station, Texas.

McKinney Heights HOA

Texas Homeowner Association Websites

The McKinney Heights HOA website provides informative details about the Association right when a user lands on the home page.

Information about the neighborhood, local area, and schools can be found easily.

The site’s navigation is easy to navigate and has resource pages for:

  • Documents
  • Reservations
  • Pool Keys
  • Property Management info
  • More

The Association website has a Photo Gallery page with over 25 images dedicated to showing off the community amenities and highlights.

The community is located just southeast of Austin, Texas.

Steiner Ranch HOA

Websites for Texas HOAs

The Steiner Ranch site was developed for efficiency.

The HOA Sites home page has several modules that provide user benefits without needing to navigate any further.

Event registration links and Facility Reservation links are prominently positioned at the top of the page.

Photos of the community pool and the Community Calendar can be found below the fold.

The Navigation menu is well-organized by related categories.

Which is needed for a site with over 30 pages!

Committee pages, FAQs, Board of Directors and Architectural Guideline forms are all accessible too!

The community is located in Austin, Texas near the Austin River.

Sun City Texas Community Association

texas hoa website provider

One of the first things that stands out with this Community Association Website is the large, full-width hero image designs.

An event slider showing community events, golf, and community entry signs are very captivating.

The Resident Portal login page is easy to access and presents a Portal Login panel via any page the user is currently on.

The HOA website footer also hosts several useful page links including:

  • Communications
  • Logins
  • About Us
  • Even a “Current Weather” widget

The community is located in Georgetown, Texas.

The Savannah Texas HOA

best Texas hoa community websites

The Savannah HOA is located in Savannah, Texas, and provides a modern and easy to maneuver HOA Community Website.

Contact Us, Community News, HOA Info, and Due Payment pages are just some of the available site pages to visit.

With a larger-than-average geographic footprint, the website homepage also displays a Community Master Plan blueprint.

Want to join the Association Newsletter and receive email updates, use the “Subscribe” link found in the Footer of every page.

Cross Oak Ranch HOA

hoa websites for Texas neighborhoods

The Homeowner Association Website has been configured to display the most up-to-date news and announcements right on the home page.

This makes it very easy for Residents to learn about new and upcoming events, and Associaiton news.

A “Quick Links” feature makes it easy to access the most popular pages of the site.

The “Lost and Found Pets” feature allows any resident who has had a pet go missing to post and see if any neighbors have shared the location of the missing animal.

In addition to the numerous ‘public’ pages, there are many ‘private’ Resident Portal pages for Associaiton owners to access. Pool Access, Resident Directory, Forums, Profile pages, and more. Located near Plano, Texas.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

A Website for your Texas HOA

Having a website for your HOA in Texas is important and in certain states, even legally required.

An online presence via a personalized community website gives your residents, homeowners, and Board members a platform to communicate, address issues, gather information and even pay bills.

With digital tools like resident-only portals and secure payment merchants, your condo association will only benefit from having a website. 

An Association website should have useful content and information for site visitors, and be user-friendly and visually appealing.

Our 7 best Texas HOA websites meet these criteria while also offering a unique design approach.

We hope these sites inspire you to create an HOA or condominium website that is useful, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. 

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