10 Newest Trends For HOA Websites

A website for your Homeowner Association or condominium association in 2024 is an absolute must.

Popular HOA Website Features, Trends, and Popular Options For Your Community Association Site

A high-performing HOA or Condo Website offers useful resources for residents, homeowners, and Board members.

It’s easy to access, fully functional and makes many HOA admin tasks available at the click of a button (without all the piles of paperwork.) And, less paperwork means more resources can be allocated to managing the property.

So, which features are right for your Homeowners Association website to include?

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

We’ve spent years perfecting how to develop the best HOA Website.

In this blog, we outline the Top 10 Must-Have Community Association Website Features for the most friendly, functional, and dare we say, fun HOA websites.


The best part?

You can have all of the features.

We can develop your HOA website to serve Board members, residents, homeowners, prospective homeowners, vendors, and more with the right configurations.

And, you can leave all the construction to us!

Choose the features that are important for your community, we’ll handle the HOA Site development. 

Let’s get poppin’ on PropertyPop’s top list of HOA website features.

#1 E-Newsletter Blasts

top hoa site features

To keep the community in the loop, include an e-newsletter blast feature for your Association webpage.

You’ll be able to schedule newsletters to send to residents and homeowners updates, recaps of past events like Board meetings, notices of upcoming events, and other valuable information.

Easy-to-use features like pre-designed layouts can be populated with current announcements Board meetings notices, assessments, repairs to facilities, updates about common areas, surveys, and community events.

Your community website’s homepage can feature a direct sign-up option so community association website visitors can enroll to receive the newsletters by email.

#2 Resident-Only Portal

Websites for Homeowner Associations

This secure portal is a private communication channel between homeowners within the Association and the Board.

Each resident will receive login credentials and will be able to access gated content (yes, this pun is intended if your HOA is a gated community!) 

Residents will be able to access and upload information that will be safely stored on secure servers, while non-residents won’t be able to access these areas of the website. 

#3 Resident Directory

hoa website best features and tools

This is your neighborhood Yellow Pages!

Community residents can stay in touch thanks to the digital phonebook hosted on the Association website.

This makes contacting residents for HOA requests, or just asking neighbors for a cup of sugar, easy as pie! 

The Resident Directory will be regularly maintained and updated with current resident information to avoid confusion.

Plus, your property manager and the Board will love it!

#4 Documents Hub

PropertyPop - Homeowner association website

Say goodbye to the days of endless paperwork and confusion!

The Documents Hub is here to make your life easier. 

This fantastic feature provides you with all the necessary forms and documents you need for administrative purposes, all in one convenient location.

Whether you’re submitting request forms or filing special assessment paperwork, the Documents Hub has got you covered. 

Plus, secure document storage ensures that important files are always available whenever you need them and protected safely behind lock and key (digitally, of course.)

#5 Facility Bookings & Reservations

Popular HOA Website Features

Make it easy for residents to book and reserve shared spaces and amenities like the clubhouse, pool deck, or tennis courts using online booking systems. 

This helps to prevent double bookings and ensures that residents have access to the facilities they need when they need them. 

#6 SMS Test System

10 Newest Trends For HOA Websites

For more real-time notifications, PropertyPop software has a built-in SMS text system that can send important updates and announcements directly to residents’ cell phones. 

This is useful for urgent messages like weather alerts, unexpected facility closures, water/plumbing updates, and more.

It’s a great way to keep residents informed and engaged with the community even when they’re on the go.

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

#7 Collect Online Payments

community website resident portal

PropertyPop HOA websites offer online payment tools that make collecting resident payments, or application fees fast and easy.

It’s so easy that residents can even set up auto-pay for their HOA dues and forget about them!

It’s a win-win for both residents and the Administration.

#8 Maintenance Requests Forms


Broken tennis net? Light bulbs out? Plumbing issues? Trees need trimming?

No more waiting on hold or playing phone tag with the property management office.

A convenient online ticketing system can take maintenance requests, send them in the right direction to be addressed, and track and follow up to ensure all requests are resolved. 

Any request or issue can be communicated to the Association management directly through the website.

Requests can be sent to management or maintenance teams in real-time, so your community can get the help they need as soon as possible.

#9 Electronic Application Forms

hoa website provider features

Say goodbye to the days of printing forms, filling them out, scanning, uploading, and hoping it all works out.

You can forget all about those steps!

Cut back administrative processing time with an HOA website that includes an electronic application feature.

Make it easy for residents, applicants, and just about anyone to easily fill out and submit paperwork online through the built-in software.

Electronic Applications are available directly through the Documents Hub on the HOA website which means your HOA will be part of the 21st century! 

#10 Community Calendar

hoa sites provider




The community calendar on your HOA Community Website will be the go-to destination for all things practical and social in the neighborhood. 

Residents and homeowners can access the calendar to see details for upcoming events, ​​whether they want to know when the next Board meeting is, they want to get details about neighborhood construction projects, or they want to find out about the next big block party.

An HOA calendar will make scheduling go smoothly!

Searching for a Community Website for your Association?

HOA Website Providers – Let PropertyPop develop your HOA Community Website

A functional, modern, and optimized HOA website is essential for any residential community.

This top ten list showcases the best features for modern HOA webpages to make it easy for residents and Board members to communicate, pay bills, stay informed about community happenings, and schedule a tennis match.

With these tools, managing a community has never been easier, and residents can feel more connected than ever before. 

An HOA website tailored specifically to your Association needs is within reach with PropertyPop! 

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