Condo Association Websites: Who Should Create Ours?


When developing a website for your condo association or homeowners association (HOA), it can be hard to find the right avenue.

Websites for Homeowner Associations

There are many features, settings, permissions, and details that need to be configured correctly for an effective HOA Website. PropertyPop is an HOA Website Provider.

When seeking proposals for a new Homeowner association website, or for updates to an existing site, we recommend following a few key recommendations to ensure both functionality and a strong user experience.

Your community website should be designed, built, and maintained by a professional firm, with the tools and services you need, and subject matter expertise. 


HOA Website Builder

Choose a web solutions firm that is professional. Professionalism in web design means a few different things. Professional means firms should have a good reputation.

Check their reviews online and look at some samples of their work.

There should be raving reviews, particularly since they belong to the web industry, and should know the importance of having a clean, well-functioning website, the power of user review, and SEO.

Similarly, there should be plenty of examples that showcase the HOA websites they’ve already built, their range of work, and offer a feel for their general style.

Beyond this professionalism encompasses good follow-through, good communication, and a final product that functions as promised.

We also suggest getting in touch with their current clients.

Ask specific questions to ensure the professionalism of the firm, including if they would refer them!

Professionalism is an important consideration in selecting a web design company for your Florida homeowners association. 


Ensure that the web design firm that creates your HOA website has the capabilities and bandwidth to meet your needs.

HOA Website Design

Start by determining what the needs of your website actually are.

Best Website Security Features For A Condo Or HOA Website

  1. Do you need to have a work-order submission platform?
  2. Bill pay or merchant services?
  3. Community bulletin board platforms?
  4. Document signing programs?
  5. Figure out what features and functions your association site needs, and write up a brief outline or diagram.

When you begin to seek a web solutions firm, share this list of features and functions with them.

This way, they can appropriately assess and investigate different software to support your site.

If they do not typically work with these systems, or have any idea how to properly (or professionally!) implement them, it is a good indication that they do not have the tools or services to meet your needs.

Strive to work with firms who are familiar with and capable of assisting you to achieve the community association’s goals.

Here’s a sample HOA Website that PropertyPop recently completed. We’re always happy to help you get started with your condo association’s website, or direct you to resources and provide general support.


HOA Property Website Providers

A final and crucial concern for any homeowners association seeking a website should be subject matter expertise.

This refers to the knowledge base of a particular field and having special expertise on the topic.

The web firm should specialize or know a lot about property management, homeowners associations, and other relevant topics as it pertains to website functionality and SEO.

Websites for Homeowner Associations

While the web solutions company may not be a homeowners association, they should have designed similar websites for related industries, and know some ins and outs of what your industry does.

At the very least they can follow along with the rhyme and reason of your association’s requirements, so they can troubleshoot and offer platform advice.

Homeowners associations in the state of Florida are subject to a lengthy list of legal requirements and restrictions via HB 1237.

Work with a firm that understands, at least on a grand scale, the community association environment and needs of your residents.

This way, your association’s board can work with the web design team to create a seamless, functional user experience.


HOA/POA Website Providers

Building the right website for your condo association is a must.

HOA Sites

There are a number of ways to better serve your homeowners or residents with a digital presence and a well-functioning HOA site.

If you are seeking a web solutions firm to create your site, you should consider their professionalism, ability to meet your specific needs, and subject matter expertise.

PropertyPop is an HOA Website provider building beautiful, modern Community Association Websites for both HOAs and Condos.

See how we can help your Association today!

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