The 7 Best Florida HOA Websites Of 2022

A website for your HOA or condominium association in 2022 is an absolute must.

Neighborhood association websites serve a variety of functions for residents, homeowners, and Board members. If well done, HOA websites can attract vendors, real estate agents, potential homebuyers, and general interest in your association. 

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The Importance of having an HOA website in Florida

Not only do the new Florida HOA Laws require Florida homeowners associations to have a public website with certain documents and features, but it also serves a variety of useful functions for your residents. 

A website for your association makes it possible for homeowners and residents to communicate issues, resolve problems, and get information. 

Standard forms and board meeting minutes can be digitized for easy access. Private resident-only portals serve for secure bill pay and creates a platform for communication within your community association.

A modern, user-friendly website for your condominium in 2022 is important! That’s why we’ve created this list of the 7 best Florida HOA websites for 2022.


Factors in selecting the 7 Best Florida HOA Websites


In selecting the 7 best Florida HOA websites, we took a variety of factors into account. 

An HOA or condominium association website serves the purpose of providing digital access to information or services to residents, homeowners, and Board members.

The information should be easy to access, and the presentation should be visually appealing.

Inasmuch, we’ve selected the best 7 condominium or HOA websites based on the following criteria

  • Is the site equipped with useful content/services and information?
  • Is the site user-friendly?
  • Is the site visually appealing?

The 7 Best Florida HOA Websites of 2022


Ocean Grande Place 

Ocean Grande Place has a fantastic HOA website.

Notice the content included on the site: private resident-only portal, and relevant information about the community.

There is a calendar of events and a page to ‘Meet the Board’ where each Board member has a photo and brief description of policy philosophy. Everything on the site is easy to use and navigate. While the resident-only portal is private, we can assume there is access to private documents, communication platforms, and perhaps a digital bill pay system for the community association website.

  • The strong content, paired with an easy-to-use design makes this condo website great.
  • All that, plus fantastic clear crisp images of the property are what land this south Florida association website a spot on our best 7 list.

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Mill Run

Mill Run of Parkland has a strong HOA website.

The website is easy to navigate with clear and simple links.

There is a private resident-only portal, which we can suppose hosts worthwhile content and information. This south Florida website meets our criteria for ease of use, and even has a live events calendar where community programs are shared.

The site also includes a digital photo gallery of the neighborhood, thus making the page not only visually appealing but with relevant images, as well.

The easy design and visually appealing approach to the Mill Run Homeowners Association website make it part of our south Florida Association website’s best 7 list.

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list-of-homeowner-association websites

Penthouse Towers of Highland Beach

Penthouse Towers of Highland Beach has a great Homeowners Association website.

The website is clearly marked and easy to use. The home page contains lots of well-designed links, including content and important forms.

  • They’ve included information for residents and realtors, as well as a newsletter.
  • Plus, this site includes information for homeowners about local small businesses, restaurants, and community services.
  • There are a variety of nice pictures of the property all within a unified layout.

Penthouse Towers makes our top 7 best HOA websites of 2022 list. 

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The Belmont

The Belmont website is a superb HOA website.

The home page includes buttons and links that are clear to identify.

Dropdown bars offer more specific details in each category. It is easy to use this website.

This goes hand in hand with the strong content included on this Association’s website.

There is a lot of content and it is well incorporated. There is information for residents and the general public alike.

This is all accentuated by site-specific images of the property, nicely displayed in the photo gallery. 


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Sea Dunes Villas

The Sea Dunes Villas website is a good Association website and scores a spot on our top 7 association websites list.

The landing page encompasses the different criteria we’ve discussed, like useful content and user-friendly access.

You can learn about becoming a member, or log in if you are all ready. You can also find out about local offerings like restaurants, and get in contact with the association through the website.

There are nice images of the property and the site is clear and easy to navigate. 


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Villas of Boca Barwood

The Villas of Boca Barrwood HOA website makes our top 7 association site list because it hits all the marks.

  1. This site is easy to navigate and user-friendly, and similarly includes all the content you could need.
  2. This all added to the fantastic images, including a lovely video montage, making it outstanding.
  3. There is information easily available about the community and even governing documents. There are forms and private members-only log-in points.

There is a great photo gallery with aerial imagery that uniquely captures the property and is visually appealing. This is a great Association website!

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Kensington Glen 

Kensington Glen of Coral Springs has a great association website.

There is an image of the property on the home page, and quick access links.

There is content for public users, like local events and community happenings.

They’ve even included a Listings page, to showcase properties for sale or under contract.

Aside from easy simple use, this Association’s website is great because it includes strong photographs of the property, including aerial and drone footage.

This creates a nice effect and presents the community well. This community association website is well executed and makes our top 7 list. 

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A Website for your HOA in Florida in 2022


Having a website for your HOA in Florida in 2022 is important and sometimes, even legally required.

Online presence via a personalized website gives your residents, homeowners, and Board members a platform to communicate, address issues, gather information and even pay bills.

With digital tools like resident-only portals and secure payment merchants, your condo association will only benefit from having a website. 


An association website should have useful content and information for site visitors, and be user-friendly and visually appealing.

Our 7 best Florida HOA websites of 2022 all meet these criteria and offer a unique design approach.

We hope these sites inspire you to create an HOA or condominium website that is useful, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Boost Community Value

Find out how an Association Website can improve your community value and increase homeowner satisfaction.


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