Case Study: How To Move Your HOA Website Away From An Old Provider

Without the proper tools, software, or skills, the process of modernizing a website for your neighborhood or community can be daunting.

Plus, if the Board or Association is not ‘tech-savvy,’ or lacks digital know-how, the process becomes even more complicated. 


Fortunately, with practice, we’ve been able to simplify the HOA and condominium association website building process.

We bring know-how and experience to the community association website build or rebuild/update process. This way there is less burden on Board and condo association members. 

We can simplify your HOA website revamp project, so your neighborhood association has a fantastic website with no headache.

Below we cover what to include in an Association website, and review a success story with images to showcase the steps towards improving your site. 


Must Haves for Condominium Websites in 2023

In many cases, associations and condos have existing websites or web pages, although outdated. Usually, they are seeking support in website updates. We can help you refresh an existing HOA website and modernize it.


Condo Website Must-Haves

  • Easy to navigate
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Mobile friendly
  • Private Resident Portal
  • User-Friendly


A successful condominium association website update should be a continuous process. Once an initial overhaul has taken place, HOA website maintenance should include the following:

  • Added Features and Functionality 
  • Document Updates
  • Modernization 
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Updates
  • Website Support  


If your association already has a website and is looking to update, we can help. If your HOA is building a new website, the process will include a few more steps.

However, a new HOA website can be constructed and tailored to your specific needs. This makes achieving all of the above-listed website features accessible. 


2023 Condominium Website Update-  Success Story in South Florida (Case Study)

We successfully updated a condominium association website in beautiful South Florida. Here we use it as an example of a 2023 website update case study.

We took an existing HOA website and modernized it. 

The site is now easy to navigate, user-friendly, and even mobile device friendly. We also added some important functionalities to the condo website, like a private, resident-only portal. The website now includes modern aesthetics and high-quality imagery. 


Easy to Navigate

A modern condominium website (or any website for that matter!) should be easy to navigate. This means that the website functionalities are easy to click through and find exactly what you are looking for. 


You can see in the before picture, this Deerfield Beach condominium homepage offered limited menu items and called for endless clicking back and forth to find useful content. There was no simple access to documents, resident information, or any other website functionalities.


Our team was able to update the ease-of-navigation for this website by introducing visually clear options. Menus are arranged in logical ways.

Content is easily accessible to users in a few simple clicks. Dropdown bars help sort information. It is visually obvious where to click to find what you are looking for, like the community events page, or neighborhood photo gallery. 

hoa website before and after




A site should be easy to navigate and user-friendly. If a user becomes confused by the website, they are unlikely to revisit the page.

This South Florida Association website had tons of broken links and outdated information. In some cases, the text was impossibly small and hard to read. When a user did in fact arrive at a page that should have included Board Meeting Minutes, for example, they actually found error notices. 

You can see in the images the antiquated and malfunctioning contact form.


The best way to ensure a user-friendly experience to a condominium website is to use the website! Check that links and buttons work. Uploaded documents and files in digital formats. This makes the process easier for your residents and owners.

The website should be a reflection of your neighborhood. Inasmuch, it should be professional and create a good user experience. 

We added an updated contact form that is more user-friendly, clear and easy to read, and operates accurately. 

hoa community website resident login portal


Mobile Device Friendly

All condominium and HOA association sites should offer at least some access to digital content from phones or tablets.


Before its update, this Deerfield Beach property website did not offer any mobile-friendly components apart from its antiquated homepage. This made it impossible for residents to quickly access documents or information. Ultimately, creating a headache for the Board.


PropertyPop built a brand new mobile-friendly component for this condo association website in South Florida. We added mobile device-specific content, targeted to work with modern technology in 2023.

This overhaul has proven incredibly useful for residents, homeowners, and Board Members. Quick access is now available from iPhone or Android devices for the HOA website.

before and after COndo website maps and locations


Added Functionality 

Some website features and functions serve important purposes and some are legally required for Florida Association websites.



Initially, this South Florida condominium website had limited content. There was little accurate or up to date information about the Association or Board, and no resident-only portal. The website was antiquated and had very limited capacity. In essence, homeowners had no reason to visit the site. 



We added tons of features and functionalities to this homeowners association website. 

A few new landing pages, including a Board Members page, Community Events page, and Neighborhood Photogallery page were created. 

Similarly, we added a brand new private resident-only portal. This includes individual login credentials for each resident or homeowner. This also uses modern, secure login systems. 

Although not pictured, we also added a bill pay system, or ‘digital merchant.’ These added functions bring more traffic to the association website. 

hoa website contact us page before and after picture



Modern Aesthetics  

A modern look draws in viewers. If the page is attractive AND user-friendly, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has useful functions, the website is sure to generate traffic. 


Notice across the before images, simple flat images, and outdated stylistic choices. This did not create a nice user experience for residents. It made the property association appear outdated. The site also relied on stock photos, which can be boring.


With the revamp and update of this south Florida association website, we were able to modernize the aesthetics while maintaining the color scheme and style preferences of the development. We included brand new, professional site-specific photos. We added a modern format that includes easy menus with drop-down bars. 

Although simple, we used large text and clear fonts with stimulating coloring to guide the viewers’ eyes. This also makes the site much more user-friendly.

HOA website board member profile condo website


Update Your South Florida Condo Association Website 2023 

 Think your existing association website could use a facelift? Need a new site altogether? 

PropertyPop will work with you to identify areas for improvement on your current neighborhood website and help you create new and improved functionality and user experience. 

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